Philosophy in Schools

I am currently working with The Philosophy Foundation, an award winning education charity that runs philosophical enquiries in schools to develop the reasoning of children. The video above is a recording of a session ran by The Philosophy Foundation in London.

The benefits of philosophy practice for children has been confirmed by research conducted by The Institute of Education that has found that a term of philosophy improves the reading ability of children on free school meals and of girls. Teachers have consistently reported improved verbal reasoning and higher-order thinking, as well as better speaking and listening skills, confidence, concentration and behaviour. Teachers also said pupils showed greater respect, empathy and tolerance of the opinions of others. 60% of parents questioned said they felt their child had become more articulate and able to put across their point of view more clearly.

These lessons will be delivered by myself, a philosophy graduate who is trained to run philosophical enquiries with children. Free taster sessions can be provided.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.